Mason Dakota
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 346

Seven generations after nuclear chaos, the world bows to an oppressive Empire run by the genetic elites known as Nobles.Something is bound to break.Griffon Nightlock, an Outcast in the genetic pool, and a thief, faces the fear of execution daily with his life of shadows and violence. When he was eight he watched his parents get murdered and his home burned.When he was thirteen the orphanage threw him out to survive on his own. For years Griffon Nightlock has lived in secret, surviving by means of his wits and the few dollars he can swipe.But when the man who murdered his parents arrives in Chicago with plans to kill many more, Griffon finds himself thrown into a game he wasn’t prepared for with dark secrets behind every player on the board as he races to stop Chicago’s greatest destruction.His virtues are slimming.His enemies are growing.His vengeance is burning.And nobody except ...
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