H.T. Night
Publisher: Rain Press
Pages: 67

Set in the world of Samantha Moon!Imagine believing you are a vampire, and not just because of some whimsical fantasy. You were born with unusually long incisors, and you crave blood... human blood. But unlike some pasty cold immortal bearing these same characteristics, the warm plasma that gives life to all humankind pumps furiously through your veins.Welcome to the world of Aaron Parker, affectionately known to friends as "Fang."Some might envy such a unique affliction from afar. But the craving for the blood of others comes with a prohibitive price…A young man whose life has spun out of control now faces a lifetime imprisoned in a mental institution for an unthinkable crime against the love of his life. Among his 'jail mates' are others who claim to be on the outside of normal, such as a werewolf, and another new friend possessing superhuman strength—each one being treated with a ...
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4.5 stars from 29 ratings
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