Charlotte Darcy
Publisher: Fair Havens Books Regency Romance
Pages: 332

A lost love, a secret meeting, a new friendship, and a betrayal. Can Rebecca ever find love or will her heart be forever broken? Find out in The Lady and the Secret Duke a sweet Regency romance novel with a guaranteed happy ever after.A novel about honour, love and happily-ever-after.Rebecca Beaumont runs a school from her family’s parlour. Rebecca’s mother puts a stop to it out of fear that she and her sister Diana will not find a suitable husband. Her mother’s fears seem founded as the man Rebecca loves insists she stop teaching. Rebecca, heartbroken but ever resilient, is determined to find another option to teach the local poor children. Tristan Forbes is the new Duke of Hillington. He never expected or wanted the title but after the death of his brother he has no choice. He has no affection for those who are suddenly seeking his attention, especially the women. To get ...
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