Eve Paludan
Publisher: Rain Press
Pages: 165

Set in the world of Samantha Moon and starring Fang, the American Vampire!The Rules of Blood Club:1. Don’t turn anyone.2. Don’t kill anyone.3. Don’t talk about Blood Club.When drop-dead-gorgeous Justine walks into Fang’s Place, a members-only club for vampires where the blood is on tap, she reveals that a crime happened to her there. Fang offers to help find the perp who broke rule number one—and gets caught in the middle of a turf war between two ancient and powerful vampires.The supernatural stakes are raised when Fang breaks rule number two—and unleashes a maelstrom of evil that he cannot defeat alone. He needs Sam’s help, and Kingsley’s, too. Though Justine is as loving as she is lethal, her dark secret threatens their future.In Vampire She Wrote, Fang and Justine must risk everything to save not only their own undead lives, but the lives of innocent mortals. When they are faced ...
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4.5 stars from 31 ratings
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