Jacie Middlemann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 117

Treasures Found is the second book in the Mae’s Second Chance series.Julie Engstrom has brought her family to the deserted ghost town of Mae’s Second Chance. She knew that her family needed something different as they struggled to deal with the loss that has changed their lives forever. Her hope is they will find it here in the valley with its century’s old buildings and rich history.As they settle into their new life a friendly face from the one they left behind arrives unexpectedly. Anderson McGuire considered Dan Engstrom one of the best friends he’d ever had and wants to make certain everything is going exactly as it should for Julie and the kids. He was also far more curious than he was willing to admit about the honest to goodness ghost town they now called home. Once there he finds the old saloon is exactly the project he needs to keep him busy while he also helps ...
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