Amber Crewes
Publisher: Pen-n-a-Pad Publishing
Pages: 72

The first book in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series!"If you love cozy mysteries, then this book will be an absolute delight."Meghan Truman always had a dream to become a Hollywood actress. Hollywood decided she wasn’t good enough. She left Hollywood broken but with a burning desire to start afresh in the Pacific Northwest, pursuing her second dream – opening a bakery.She never expected that the owner of a rival establishment would be found dead and all eyes would be focused on her as the prime suspect.As the new girl in town with a new bakery store, she’s determined to clear her name and find the murderer; otherwise she’ll have to leave Sandy Bay penniless and pitiful and possibly the murderer’s next victim.Book 1 in the Sandy Bay Cozy Mystery series, which can be read in one to two hours! Perfect for a lunchtime read. If you want to enjoy a quick light-hearted read, with an amateur ...
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