Billie Dale
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 168

Got Horns?If you could see under the messy knots of my hair, you’d see that I do. It doesn't matter how I try to disguise them with updo’s and headscarves; they're two permanent, pointy reminders of my parentage - a feisty Fairy Godmother helicopter mom, and a towering ogre with poor impulse control for a dad.I can’t help stand out even as I try desperately to blend in. A woman with cartilage on her head is strange even in a town made up of unusual people.He’s the new history teacher. Tall, tatted and tempting. Every single woman in Farawayville wants him, but his eyes are on me, Mallory F’Cent.His secrets create chaos, turning me into a Big Bad. My heart’s in tatters with him at the center of my wrath, turning him from the sexy man I love into a sad sack.And the worst part? Despite everything I've done to him, Stefan's still willing to fight to find our Happy Ever After ...
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