Samantha Henthorn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 186

THE ONE WHERE THE HOUSE TELLS THE STORY 'Full of unique characters I loved, laughed and grimaced at.' - UK Kindle customer.You do know that walls have ears, don't you? When sisters Edna and Edith move into Curmudgeon Avenue, their presence is not welcomed by the proud, yet grouchy Victorian terrace. This delightful comedy-drama is narrated by the house itself and tells of quarrels, romances and dramas of the intertwined nincompoop residents. Widowed Edith is looking for love and dates one of Edna's ex-boyfriends, Maurice - wait until you find out what happens there! Edna is heartbroken after her long term partner moved to France. Unhappily cohabiting with her idiot sister, Edna dislikes her nephew, Ricky Ricketts, who permanently hangs around Curmudgeon Avenue with his on/off girlfriend Wantha, her sister Toonan and all the tomfoolery they bring...The sisters decide to advertise for a ...
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