N. Heinz
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 225

Every once in a blue moon, something crazy happens. Something unbelievable, because most don’t think it’s out there.I know now, two souls, broken and weary, can meet for the first time and become altered permanently. Cliché? Maybe.But forces of nature don’t care about that…Whatever makes time tick doesn’t stop just because we want it to, or because we doubt its power.I never thought I’d get past the heartache that had become my life, until him.Devlin Monroe. Too old for me? Yes. Stalker? Quite possibly.The only thing I know for sure…my life is about to change forever."Devlin is my kind of anti-hero: alpha, dominant, and obsessive. He isn't a good man, but he isn't pure evil, either. Truthfully, all things considered, he never really stood a chance in this life to be a good guy. He could be a hero, though, and that's what he ends up being for Veronica: her own personal hero. I didn't ...
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