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Buy paperback and get kindle version free #1 NEW RELEASE Know the biggest secrets of making money that they don't teach you in schoolThere are so many misconceptions of people when it comes to spirituality. They think if they are spiritual than they have to leave all the money, friends, family, etc. and live in the woods but it is not true. Spirituality raises your vibrations (frequencies) which attracts abundance of money, friends, love, health, etc. Whatever desire you have turns itself into reality if you follow the same spiritual practices mentioned in the book. This book will teach you1.Correct tools to manifest your dreams.2.Correct mind set to become a millionaire.3.How to generate super powers within you.4.How to build habits that will support you.5.How to break bad habits.6.How to generate spiritual powers.7.How to transform your life with gratitude, love, being present.8.How ...
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