JK Franks
Publisher: Red Leaf Press
Pages: 546

A major release in the bestselling Catalyst series, as America struggles after a global blackout, this is JK Franks, Ghost Country.Since the Solar superstorm and CME almost two years ago, the Gulf Coast town of Harris Springs, Mississippi has suffered from gang attacks, famine, hurricanes and battled a crusading army of religious zealots. Now, they face their greatest challenge. Outsmarting a tyrannical President and escaping an approaching pandemic.Scott Montgomery and his community sheltered in an abandoned cruise ship know their time is running out. Despite the relative calm they enjoy, they are aware of the horrors all around them. This period of relative stability doesn’t last long. As the zombie-like pandemic spreads, genetic engineering becomes the last hope of salvation. The new President and her rogue government has other ideas including internment camps full of imprison ...
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