Rosalind Minett
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 27

Were the adults to blame? The origins of a psychological war waged by one boy. The Prequel to the trilogy, A Relative Invasion.  A fateful rivalry erupts when two small boys meet in 1937 while World War Two threatens, and so begins the trilogy, “This well-executed emotional drama” (Historical Novel Society) explores the fateful relationship between Billy and his talented but devious cousin, Kenneth. The subsequent dramas within the Wilson family mirror the tensions and explosive situation in forties Europe.But what happened in the family before the boys were born? Did the adults’ previous lives predetermine the dramatic outcome in Book Three - Impact? Either read the Prequel as a taster of what is to come, or - better - read it after the trilogy to judge the origins of retribution for yourself. In this Prequel, the older generation give accounts of their pre-war life, each in ...
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