Raven Merlot
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 33

Advisory: This story contains depictions of cheating husbands and wives, betrayal, and a husband getting the cuckolding that he deserves!Julie Caine couldn’t be happier. She has a family that loves her, a steady job she loves, a lovely home, and in a few days she’ll be married to the only man she has ever loved. Her life is perfect.Or so she thought.Julie’s perfect life falls apart around her when she discovers ulterior motives to her engagement and another woman’s perfume on her fiancé’s clothes. Rather than just end things then and there, Julie decides that some revenge is in order. A decision she may come to regret someday.As the deceptions between her and her fiance begin to fall apart, their mutual betrayals may lead to estrangement and permanent emotional trauma. But in the hand's of Raven Merlot, there might be a chance for a new beginning and more authentic relationship than ...
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