Anyta Sunday
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Pages: 224

A is for Ash Heartford. Adorable, strong, and independent. Abandoned by his parents and attached to only one person—his little sister. Attracted to River, the sultry man who saunters onto his doorstep with startling news.Always yearning for more River, yet afraid to let him in. Should he play it safe, or claim his legacy and risk losing his heart?A is for Admiring Ash.Tropes: Slow burn, virgin, one true love, happily ever after, related but not, hurt/comfort, forbidden loveThemes: Sudden inheritance, broken family, insta-dad Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance~ - ~ - ~Feisty. Nerdy. Sexy. Secretive.Greenville has them all. A small town with big hearts, Greenville awakens at the mercy of Millionaire Row, the wealthy neighborhood across the tracks from Poplar Low. Bad-tempered boys meet cheeky lovers.Colliding worlds spark a fire of emotion. Heat rages. Hearts mend. Love is lost. And ...
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