Sandy Rideout
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 171

An old heartache. A second chance. A spoiled beagle with a nose for secrets.Leo is the most popular dog in Dorset Hills. The sweet beagle’s constant presence at hospital foundation events has won many friends and helped his shy owner, Remi Malone, go after the promotion she craves. But there’s a side to Leo that even Remi doesn’t know. He has a mischievous streak a mile wide and plenty of allies hiding evidence of his crimes.It’s always been that way in Dorset Hills, a quaint dog-centered town known for concealing secrets under its charming surface. So when Remi’s first love, Tiller Iverson, comes back to town with his annoying dog and teams up with her on a major project, it’s no surprise that old mysteries and tensions bubble up. What happened at prom still leashes them to the past.Leave it to beagle Leo to sniff out the truth at last. What the naughty hound digs up has ...
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