Catherine Lea
ASIN: B07G491N4D
Publisher: Brakelight Press
Pages: 310

Blindness hasn't held her back...But it could get her killed.Syd Shaeffer used to be so much: career-driven and fearless, a stellar New York District Attorney, and fiancée to love of her life, Frank Spinelli.A viral eye infection changed all that. Now she's blind and runs a failing law practice out in the burbs.But when Frank goes missing in New Zealand and the ransom note tells his mother not to call the police, Syd may be the only one who can find him.Is Syd driven by honor? Or is she trying to prove that she's still good enough? And when the first dead body turns up, can she unravel the twisted trail to the killer?Or will he find her first? A gripping thriller that will keep the pages turning into the wee hours.What readers are saying about Last Seen Leaving:“Catherine Lea has once again stepped up her game.” " Excellent, fast paced read with more twists and turns than a room full of ...
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