Muddy Frank
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 81

Little did Magali know that when she went to sleep that night, she wouldn't see her family again for a very long time...Yes or No: Marmots are supposed to sleep all winter. Correct.So, how does a sleeping marmot get thrown out of her burrow? And, meet snowboarding animals?!Boar, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes, chamois, and hare shred the pistes at night, and Magali's never seen anything like it. She's never even spoken to other animals before.This marmot tries to find her way home, but can't. So she surrenders to her situation. She offers Maurice The Mouton seven walnuts for a snowboard and learns to take the chairlift, go down blue runs, then red runs. Then, she gets addicted to the Snowpark, and now she doesn't even want to go home. Not with the Ride Or Die Slalom Competition coming up. It's the biggest and most fun winter event with animals coming from all over to participate. She ...
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