Sara C. Roethle
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 684

A tree’s memory is long. Magic’s memory is longer, and far more dangerous.After a century spent as a tree, Finn awakens into a world she barely recognizes. Whispers of the Faie, long thought destroyed, are spreading across the countryside, bringing fears that they are returning to wreak havoc amongst the mortals once again.Dark shapes lurk just out of sight, watching Finn’s every move as she tries to regain the memories of her past. As if by fate, travelers are drawn to her side. Scholars, thieves, and Iseult, a sellsword who seems to know more about her than he’s letting on.When one of Finn’s companions is taken by the Faie, she will be forced to make a choice: rescue a woman she barely knows, or leave with Iseult in search of an ancient relic that may hold the answers she so desperately seeks. Her decision means more than she realizes, for with her return, an ancient evil ...
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