Arleen Gabrio
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 62

A young boy comes running out of the woods at Carol’s house. Gunfire follows him. Mike runs towards the woods and the shooters. Stephanie grabs the boy and flattens him to the ground just as a shot whizzes by her head. Where did the boy come from? How did he get there? Who is trying to kill him and why? Where are his parents? Mike and Peter are thrust into another mystery. The boy they rescued is deaf. They are trying to get information from him. The boy doesn’t have any of the answers they need. How can they unravel a mystery that has been so tightly wound up for years? Join the fun as they solve another mystery! This is not a cliffhanger story! It is a complete, clean, cozy mystery story for all ages. Full of the escapades of Mike and Peter, the FBI agents, along with their friends who like to have fun.
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