Brad Townsend
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 800

Book Six of The Order: RedemptionThe stage is set, and all threads in the Tapestry of Creation related to the Balance are in motion. The Confrontation between Drew and The Master is happening. Will Henry be able to save his son? Will Ken, Brad, and their Brothers be able to fight against the Curse long enough to give Drew and Henry time to accomplish their part of the fight?The Dark One, bound by the Oath Stone of Heaven, cannot interfere forcing The Master to defeat The Order on his own. The First Battle between The Order and The Enemy will determine whether the Curse over Mankind can be removed or remain forever, but only if Drew is successful. Amidst their trials of fighting Demons and Eschphene, the men make time to get married, and discover other secrets about Aaron Thomas, Albrecht, and Taliesin.How can a seven-year-old boy, the Second Oldest Soul in Creation, hope to break ...
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