M. Inks
ASIN: B07G945FK8
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 456

Riverdale RenegadesAn attack one late night should have killed Derrick Fosters. But against all odds of survival, he lives to find his life changed forever. Something, or someone has turned him into a monster. Hoping to hunt down his attacker, Derrick learns to embrace a secret masked identity, “Wolf”, and fight back against the city’s supernatural crime. In the middle of supernatural gangs, Derrick encounters the underground criminals. Inhuman criminals unlike the likes ever seen lurk in the shadows. Masked, armed with claws and supernatural vendettas; there is blood to be spilled. Relationships will be strained, hearts broken, and friendships tested. Will Derrick survive the criminal drama or get caught in the crossfire?In order to survive, Derrick brings together a rough band of supernatural allies. A old gang renegade, his childhood friend, and a couple of new friends join his side. ...
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