Ginny Sterling
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 99

Penelope Brown had been tossed to the curb, a victim of the times. The start of the Great Depression had forced her lifestyle to change significantly from what she’d grown accustomed to. She’s now working as a waitress in a small diner instead of seeing picture shows with friends, listening to the radio and living frivolously. Sheriff William Clarke was tired of the riffraff happening in town. Dallas was a bustling city full of motor cars, hidden speakeasies, and burgeoning outlaws. The world was changing, and it was his job to maintain order. In a struggle to keep the peace, he found himself shutting off his emotions to protect his heart and soul. What he needed now was a sweet, gentle woman in his life to crack through the shell built around him.When libation, recklessness and wild abandon whirl around all around Penelope, can the promise of excitement and carelessness be even more ...
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