Lisa Prysock
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 208

Annabelle, Geneva's cousin, gets knocked down so many times. Yet, she keeps holding onto hope, the theme in this Antebellum Era, Christian Historical Romance novel. Living in Edinburgh where she helps her parents manage their general store, Annabelle writes to her Aunt Millie in Kentucky. She shares her concerns about being unable to find a suitable husband, fearing everything Grandmother Kirkland says about her may be the cause of her approach to spinsterhood. Yet, there is hope she'll have a husband and family of her own when her wealthy American aunt, thousands of miles away across the Atlantic Ocean, writes back to Annabelle in Scotland. Aunt Millie is definitely up to her matchmaking efforts again. If Annabelle is willing to pack up everything she owns and make the dangerous journey to Oregon, there's an American, widowed, gentleman farmer seeking a wife. Balfour MacGregor has ...
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