TJ Spencer Jacques
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 237

What made him lie to you?What caused him to notice her?What made him emotionally attached to her? The answers to the aforementioned questions are all embedded in the twisted lives of five average guys: Jarvis, Telly, Timothy, Rasta, and Biyell. The men in this novel are fictitious, but their behaviors and mannerisms are as tangible as the skin on your lips. Infallible is Infidelity from the perspective of men who perfected the art of grooming an additional lover, and their self-justification for her existence. Their names are embellished, but you know them, you’ve dated one of them: you didn’t realize it until it was too late. These five adulterers will expound on the age-old question better than any magazine article or chat with a girlfriend over a pint of gelato. What makes a man cheat? Welcome to Infallible: VOL 2; where our cast of characters are faced with a life-changing ...
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