Tamara White
ASIN: B07GH3883X
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 290

Having been on the run for most of her life, Dani has no idea what to expect when she moves to yet another school.She thinks it’ll be like any other place she’s lived. She’ll have to endure a few grueling months of being picked on by the ‘mean girls,’ and maybe having a fling or two with a human. But what she doesn’t expect is to be confronted on the first day by a wolf claiming to be her mate.Her father has no choice but to reveal the truth about who she really is and why they spent their lives hidden from the wolves, only now returning because it’s time for her to reclaim her birthright. Join Dani as she learns about a world she had been kept from her whole life. Over the course of the story, she meets multiple mates and is faced with the impossible choice of choosing one to lead with her as part of the Alpha Pair.But how can she choose just one, when she loves them ...
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5 stars from 137 ratings
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Not yet rated
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