Jason McDonald
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 220

** UPDATED FOR 2021 **Marketing Made Easy! A marketing "tutorial" for your small business in a simple, easy-to-understand guide to today's marketing.The Marketing Book by Jason McDonald uses the same method he deploys for his digital marketing workshops taught via Stanford Continuing Studies. It's the "hidden manual" to marketing your business that makes it easy, fast, and fun!Do you want to -Build your brandSell more stuffMake more money, more easily by using MARKETING to build a positive brand around your business, promote it to your target customers, and get them excited and primed to BUY what YOU SELL?Do you want to -Learn the basic concepts of marketingBuild a MARKETING PLAN for your businessInventory and begin to deploy across the NEW digital marketing platforms of SEO, online ads, social media, and email?If the answer is YES -Explore THE MARKETING BOOK 2021 / 2022. This is a ...
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