Taylor Dawn
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 187

Duke of Somerset, Roman Duval needs a wife so he can claim his inheritance. He puts the task of finding one in the hands of his assistant who doesn’t disappoint with his incompetence. His worst fears are realized when a petite brunette with an atrocious American Southern accent strolls into his Paris mansion. “I asked for a leggy blonde with impeccable taste and class!” With the future of his families business up in the air and the deadline on his inheritance looming, Roman has no other choice but to keep Mia Hawthorne around. Will he be able to tolerate a marriage for a year with a woman who insists that tea shouldn’t be served hot, and wears, gasp…unicorn slippers?Follow Roman and Mia as the tread the waters of an arranged marriage that begins in Paris and jet sets to London. Can one contracted year of marriage turn out to be the love of a lifetime?
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4.5 stars from 8 ratings
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