Clayton L. Turnage
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 34

The Star of David is believed to represent the geometric pattern that God follows while forming 3-Dimensional objects from nothing.Starting by defining a 0-Dimensional Point.Extending the point into a 1-Dimensional Line.Extending the line into a 2-Dimensional Plane (an Equilateral Triangle).Extending the equilateral triangle into a 3-Dimensional Pyramid (a Tetrahedron).And then spinning the tetrahedron to form a Tetrahedron circumscribed by a Sphere.Two tetrahedrons are combined together to form a Star Tetrahedron circumscribed by a Sphere, with each tetrahedron spinning in opposite directions.Spheres are hexagonally packed and the process is repeated to create a geometric pattern that can be used to construct physical objects of any shape or size. All in accordance with the divine proportions as established by Sacred Geometry!The Genesis Pattern (or Flower of Life) is the feminine ...
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