Dean Eilertson
Publisher: FriesenPress
Pages: 207

An International Award-Winning Book A riveting, down-to-earth story that will appeal to the dreamer inside you. A young man in Nova Scotia embarks on the journey of a lifetime as he sets sail and opens a window to a new adventure. Set in the 1940’s, the story follows the young man as he begins to discover himself and his life changing love for the sea. Written in the format of a screenplay, Dreammaker invites you to fill in the blanks, choose your own actors and direct your mind’s eye to what you want to see. Feel the wind in your hair and the boat moving with the motion of the sea as you experience the story in a unique way by incorporating your own life experiences. Capturing the spirit of sailing, Dreammaker reminds you to enjoy the unlimited possibilities in life and offers inspiration to go “all in” on your dreams.
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