Van Cole
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 239

The Best Way To Get Over A Man Is To Get Two MenWhen Sarah-Jane leaves a broken heart and heads to a remote village, it gets off to a rocky start.Trapped in the snow, things look bleak for the young attorney.So bad, she even calls her unfaithful ex-boyfriend for help! …But after she meets Leo and Jackson, that will never happen again!The three spark up a friendship – a relationship which runs three ways and swings two. With secrets burning, they share a love so hot it threatens to start fires. But they have a rather more frosty relationship with the law. What is it about this pair of bikers that has people so scared?Gradually, Sarah-Jane learns the truth. There is more to Leo and Jackson than meets the eye.Like that when provoked they don’t always stay legal. Or human!How will she react when she learns their secret and can they protect themselves from the threats they face?
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