Dianne Harman
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 164

Sheriff Rich got the call every lawman dreads - a relative's murder. And it's not some distant relative that he barely knows, no, it's even worse than that. It's his sister.Brigid moved back to her old hometown of Cottonwood Springs, Colorado, to be with family and friends when both her marriage and her job with a Los Angeles publishing company ended. When her best friend's murdered, she's determined to find the killer.Because of her close friendship with the victim, the sheriff accepts her offer to help him solve the crime. There are a lot of other interesting things happening in Brigid's life. A new romance and adopting a very large Newfoundland dog are pretty comforting to her during this stressful time. Join Brigid, her new boyfriend, Linc, and her dog, Jett, as she and the sheriff try to find the person who killed her best friend. This is the first book in the Cottonwood Springs ...
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