Nitya Satyani
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 76

Beera is a young, charming alpha, full of life and joy, except grief seems to follow him like his shadow. Kanchi is loving and loyal to a fault, with a strong mind and an unbreakable spirit. They have their future ahead of them and the world at their paws, until one moment changes their lives, and Beera, forever. Now Kanchi has a choice to bolt and run away from her love who is no longer the same....or to stay unwavering and steadfast by his side. And yet, it is Beera, who seems to crumble under the burden of his failure. Enter the magical world of Kanchi and Beera to witness their story of love, grief, family and soulmates....and fall a little in love with them yourself. But who says all love stories have to be restricted to the human form?
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