Fenton Wood
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 122

PRINT OMNIBUS AVAILABLE DIRECT! Offset printed, trade paperback, 650 pages, $22https://fentonwood.blogspot.com/Ebook:amzn.com/B08RWHCB9KFollow the author on Twitter for news and updates: @WoodFentonA young radio engineer travels across an alt-history America, encountering primeval gods, mythical beasts, and tall tales come to life, in a quest to build a radio transmitter that can reach the stars.It all starts in the mountain town of Porterville. Twelve-year-old Philo starts a pirate radio station with his friends, and learns that the world is a stranger place than he ever imagined. The Ancient Marauder, the Bright and Terrible Birds, the Mishipeshu, and other creatures of myth and legend populate this enchanting mixture of science and fantasy.YANKEE REPUBLIC is an old-school adventure series with traditional values and down-to-earth heroes. Escape from the pessimism and propaganda of ...
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