Jude Willhoff
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 198

True love doesn’t have to be perfect—it just has to be true.Dyan Evans is reluctant to return to Dogwood, Colorado where Jack Donovan broke her heart nine years ago. But she’s inherited the family realty business and is determined to make a success of it. With any luck, she can avoid seeing him altogether.Unfortunately, fate has other plans. Jack has grown into a handsome, caring man, and now works for the Dogwood police department, which she is forced to deal with all too often as she attracts funny, oddball situations like a magnet. Though her feelings for him start to stir again, she backs off when she learns he is engaged to her high-school nemesis, Carolyn.Jack isn’t sure how he let himself get manipulated into this engagement with Carolyn, but when Dyan shows up in his life again, he realizes how much he still cares for his high-school sweetheart. He has to break it off ...
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