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So...What Is The Keto Diet Exactly?Don’t blame the butter for what the bread did. This is a well-known Keto Diet motto, which actually explains a lot since the diet implies ratcheting down the carbohydrates and getting the most energy from fats. You may be called Captain Bacon, Mrs. Greasy or whatever but switching from carbs to fats does provide more power and health.Since the book Keto Diet for Beginners was designed for newbies, the recipes are sorted by top keto ingredients plus the beverages section.Inside the book you will find:12 Keto foods –learn how to get the most benefits from restricting carbsList of best Sweeteners, Fruits & Vegetables, Nuts, Snacks, Flour and even Alcohol on KetoThe Understanding of KetosisBeauty tips from Keto ProductsHomemade –DIY Face Masks from TOP Keto Products         which have an anti-aging effect and help smooth out the ...
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