Karla Bro
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Pages: 61

Salads are the best way to quickly and qualitatively supplement your diet with delicious and healthy dishes. The recipes of salads with vegetables, fruits and greens are the best source of useful microelements, vitamins, amino acid, and other nutrients.Our salad recipe cookbook of salads will help you become a master of preparation for useful and tasty food for breakfast, dinner. Use it and hear, "Oh, we did not even suspect that vegan salads could be so tasty for us. You're a real culinary wizard." You will find many unusual vegetarian recipes in our book. You should try a recipe of salad with dandelions, daisies, violets with dress. Also you can find the best healthy desserts. You’ll cook them every day. There are delicious healthy fruit salads, which people can prepare easily for their dinner. And refresh themselves with our smoothies.We will tell you about:- the value of fruits ...
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