Kimbra Swain
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 624

Comin' Up a CloudThe warning siren blares across Shady Grove, and Grace Ann's trailer sits in the path of a supernatural storm.A storm is brewing in Shady Grove, Alabama. Spring has arrived, and Grace Ann Bryant's days are filled with crabby council members, a brooding bard, turbulent townspeople, and a pouting phoenix. At least her daughter is having a great time with the pixie that she caught. So much for that mom to daughter, heart to heart talk about fairies. Grace is neck deep in the issues of Shady Grove and her family. The last thing she needed was a wind sylph determined to destroy Shady Grove. The crew has to find out what got her panties in a wad while a mysterious man lurks around town. Grace is sure she knows him. Everyone insists that she give him some room, but she's tired of being told what to do. It's time Grace takes things into her own hands.The winds are picking up ...
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