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August 1901: When Anarchist Terrorists massacre the workers of Archeology dig site 403B in the Adirondacks and abduct fifteen year old Gladys Gwynn, her wealthy Industrialist brother hires the Strategic Tactics and Extraordinary Management Consultation And Protection Partnership, team to rescue her. But before STEAMCAPP can even board the train that will take them to the Adirondack wilderness retreat of their client, two of their members, the dashing and deadly Kierian McKenna(code named Piper), and his dare-deviless partner Emma Dareheart(code named Banshee), both former Resistance Cell operatives during the British-American War of 1893-1897, are ambushed by operatives hired by the British Secret Service Bureau and thrust into a bloody shoot-out.At Great Camp Sagamore, Kierian and Emma are joined by their business partners, the mysterious, irascible, genius inventor, Dr. Balthazar ...
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