Emily Rose
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 414

When Danny Marshall decided to up and leave everything behind to move to Georgia with her best friend, Reanna, it wasn’t because she wanted to attend college, but that was exactly what she found herself doing. But doing anything was better than going back to her hometown of Palm Bay, Florida. Back to the place where everything changed. Where she changed. A broken heart could do a lot of damage. One night stand after one night stand. It was the only way she could keep her already broken heart safe. But when she walked into a bar called Twisted and met Jaxson Steele, with his no bullsh*t attitude and outspoken personality, she was instantly drawn to him. Not to mention he was drop-your-panties gorgeous. Like every man before him, though, she only expected one thing to come out of their quick connection. Sex. That was until she got to know him and realized that maybe…she wasn't the ...
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