Andrew John Bell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 314

A disturbing true story the author himself experienced.In 2016, when John Davidson and his family moved to Skipton Road, they had no idea of what terrors awaited them. Things seemed normal at first, apart from the pungent smell of rotten flesh in their kitchen, recurring scratch marks along the walls, and an overwhelming sense of always being watched by someone or “something”. Overtime, through a series of vivid nightmares and intrusive whispers, the Davidsons came to learn of a malignant menace that still dwelled within their new home – a Witch named Sabina, who sought out vengeance upon those whom had betrayed her in life, along with an ancient demon...her ‘Master’. Throughout these horrific events, John struggled against his growing depression, his new reliance on alcohol, and the overall strong desire to keep his family from falling apart – which it was. This terrifying ...
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