Kevin Weadock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 260

"... very unlikely and magnificent achievement demonstrates the power of one young man’s will." - Joe Falcone"I literally laughed and cried. Thank you for writing this book." - Amy CorbeckyThe impact of alcoholism on a New York family is described through the eyes of a young boy. The boy's journey through a series of traumatic experiences, family shelters, and foster homes illustrates the insidious mechanism of addiction and how it propagates from one generation to the next. His struggle to survive is a story of brokenness, heartache, and hope.About the Author:Kevin Weadock is a scientist, biomedical engineer, patent agent, and inventor. He is the proud father of Kevin, Morgan, and Emily Weadock and lives with his wife Patty in New Jersey. He hopes that other people will benefit from reading his memoir.
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