Kevin Weadock
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 268

"... very unlikely and magnificent achievement demonstrates the power of one young man’s will." - Joe Falcone"I literally laughed and cried. Thank you for writing this book." - Amy Corbecky“... I am a foster child and I want to go back to the city again because I have six brothers and sisters that I don't live with anymore. I’m dirty and filthy and stupid and people want to break my neck. I don’t deserve to be near other normal kids. I should listen to the teacher more but I don’t care anyway because she only wants to get money and then go home. I will punch anyone in the face if you even think about bothering me and I mean it!!”The impact of alcoholism on a New York family is described through the eyes of a young boy. The boy's journey through a series of traumatic experiences, family shelters, and foster homes illustrates the insidious mechanism of addiction and how it ...
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