Quan Millz
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 284

Cassandra Piece, better known as Cassie, is a young and sheltered rich kid from Chicago's suburbs turned out by a young trap prince, or so she thinks. Kerron Davis is the man of her dreams and nothing, not even her loving parents will stop her from being with a dude who claims to be a young, rich thug on the come up. Nonetheless, like so many gullible young women, Cassie will soon discover that choosing Kerron over the loving arms of her family will drag her life slowly down the all-too-familiar and predictable rabbit hole of black single motherhood, dealing with situations she's never encountered in her short and sheltered young life. After getting pregnant and subsequently dealing with a cheating, good-for-nothin' nicca who ends up getting arrested, her back-to-back trials and tribulations begin to take a deleterious toll on Cassie. However, when she finally meets Tramella, a ...
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