Kathy Heart
Publisher: Fable Charm
Pages: 65

Annabelle Tracy dreams of a white knight coming to sweep her off her feet with his passionate love, and carrying her off to his castle where he will shower her with love forever. But she is a poor girl. Her father is a hunter, her mother a seamstress, and she but a lowly village girl, assisting her mother in the family business. A chance meeting down by the river leads to her ravishment at the hands of the son of the Duke of Blanchester, the dashing Daniel Banner, Marquess of Aberling, with whom she falls in love. He also declares his love, but confesses that he cannot marry her as he is promised to another. She refuses to be his mistress, but when she discovers that she is with child by him, she is forced to seek his aid. She adamantly refuses to let him back into her heart, though she insists that he bear his responsibility as the father of their child, and Daniel must redeem himself ...
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4.5 stars from 43 ratings
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