Deborah Wilson
ASIN: B07HY3425G
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 516

She is willing to give up her love for his honor …He is willing to give up his honor for her love …Lady Beatrix Gillingham ran from her duty years ago…Giving up her family’s status and childhood dreams. No one would suspect the barmaid is an earl’s daughter. She’s learned to work hard and make her heart even harder. But … in one night, everything changes.She saves a life. Who knew that life would be the son of one of the oldest titles and most honorable homes in England?The Curbains And to a man who’s just as valiant as his name suggests. General Hero Curbain has fought England’s greatest enemies. As the son of a duke, he’s faced his own challenges but never had he expected the challenge of Lady Beatrix. In thanks for her kindness, he offers her the chance of a lifetime:1- One Season. 2- One opportunity to restore her name.3- One chance to find love.However …As ...
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