Captivating History
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 109

Explore the Captivating Life of George WashingtonFree History BONUS Inside!One day at Mount Vernon, a young boy climbed into a window, fell, and hurt himself. George Washington, who had advanced rheumatism then, called for his servant to help. When the boy recovered, Washington asked why the boy had come in. The servant told him the boy wanted to get a look at the president. Washington then asked to see the boy. “You wanted to see the president, did you? Well, I am George Washington.” “No!” retorted the boy, “You are only just a man. I want to see the President!”This is the history of George Washington who was a president, a general and a Founding Father of a new nation. But, most of all, it is the story of George Washington the man. Many of the anecdotes related herein are true stories told by the people who were his own family and friends.This captivating history book ...
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