Lane Hart, D.B. West
Publisher: Editor's Choice Publishing
Pages: 700

Are you ready to go for a ride with the Savage Kings MC? There's non-stop action in this three-book box set which includes Chase, Abe, and Torin. BOOK ONE: CHASEChase hasn't forgiven himself for hurting Sasha and causing her an unbelievable amount of pain. He still wears her name on his chest, a reminder of the night that he wrecked his bike and everything the two of them had together. With secrets, lies, bloodshed, and violence causing chaos in the club, Chase is determined to use his second chance with Sasha to keep her safe. He never imagined that the best way to do that would be to get her as far away from him and the MC as possible.BOOK TWO: ABEAbram Cross didn’t want the life of crime that fate had dealt him, but what other choice did he have when his mother spent every penny on drugs instead of buying food for him and his younger brother? While Abe is no longer a professional ...
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