Ketley Allison
Publisher: Mitchell Tobias Publishing LLC
Pages: 310

Fact #1: I probably shouldn’t hook up with my brother’s best friend in order to "heal."Fact #2: I already have. A few times.Screw the facts.ASTORI came to New York to forget him.But whether it was coincidence, bad luck, or fate being a cruel bitch, he came here, too.Ben Donahue is a no good, annoying, hot-headed jerk I can’t seem to shake.He’s also my brother’s best friend.But I’m in the middle of the biggest case of my career. I don’t have time for Ben, and I don’t need him ruining my life ... again.Unfortunately, my heart would rather be the one to ruin me this time.BENShe thinks I only had her because of a dare in college. She couldn’t be more wrong.Astor Hayes is forbidden to me. She’s my best friend’s twin sister, and I have a past to hide.In the worst kind of way, I’m forced to enter Astor’s life again, and I let her hate me as I do it. Allow her to think I don’t want her.It’s ...
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