Amy Cissell
Publisher: Broken World Publishing
Pages: 293

Welcome to Oracle Bay, the town where the local psychics were already expecting you!Oracle Bay has always attracted the preternaturally clairvoyant. When anyone with seers’ blood in their veins steps foot in Oracle Bay, their powers awaken, they receive a visit from the Psychics Union, and shenanigans ensue. Misty Greene, born and raised in Oracle Bay, is the de facto head of the Psychics Union. She’s content to oversee her Main Street real estate holdings, run the annual Autumn Bazaar, and spend time with the close-knit group of oracles that deliver uncannily accurate fortunes to the town’s tourists and residents.Joseph McEwan has been a thorn in Misty’s side since they returned home after college. She doesn’t know – and certainly no longer cares – why the affable and attractive kid she knew in high school turned into the town crank when he took over his family’s goat farm. Burdened ...
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