C.K. Brooke
ASIN: B07J23ZG98
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 184

Meet Geo and Dmitri, the Princes of Tybiria. Though Geo is the obvious athlete, it's bookish Dmitri that yields the credit - and consequences - for slaying a foreign prince. But whose arrow really struck the boy?Luccia Camerlane is the Baron of Backshore’s enigmatic daughter...as well as Prince Geo’s secret mistress…until she learns of her disastrous betrothal to none other than his brother, Prince Dmitri.When Dmitri is abducted by the deranged King of Llewes, star-crossed lovers Geo and Lucie must set aside their woes and differences to rescue the Crown Prince from the formidable Wintersea fortress. A precocious castle ward, a fascinating love-quadrangle, a plot to murder the king, and a hit-woman harlot complete this action-packed romantic comedy in another wickedly fast-paced fantasy adventure from C.K. Brooke, author of the Jordinia series.FIVE STARS FROM READERS' FAVORITE ...
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