Scott McElhaney
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 154

For all of Vastian’s life, he’d been led to believe that the walls of the multigenerational spacecraft Endeavor marked the true borders of his entire universe. But then he discovers a door that had been sealed for generations. Vastian Fox was born on the Endeavor and as a matter of fact, so were his parents. Even his grandparents had been born on this multigenerational spacecraft that had been built to save the last of the human race. And now, after all these years, there was a light at the end of the tunnel as they approached their new planet in the Kapteyn System. As one of the ship’s navigators, Vastian has a lot of time on his hands while mindlessly monitoring the systems on the bridge twelve hours a day. He also has access to the ship’s computers which wouldn’t pose a problem if he wasn’t also a hacker in his spare time. This leads him to a discovery that doesn’t make any sense. If ...
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